Early Spring Snow Slows Progress on Roofing and Siding Jobs

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Does today's weather seem at odds with historical patterns, or is it just us? I suppose that's a question for others to answer but we must admit, the weather around this joint seems a bit weird. Either way, in the Roofing and Siding business, we take it as it comes. In Iowa, the weather does indeed come, and it comes in all types. And when it does we adapt. For example, this past weekend we experienced nearly a foot of snow. This was the first week of Spring in the Quad Cities (Bettendorf Iowa) and we endured a foot of snow; In 24 hours! Most of our friends and neighbors get perturbed by these fits (or some would say punishments) of mother nature, but we're Roofers (and Siders). We work in the elements. We just keep right on trucking along.

How does the above described weather effect the progression of roofing and siding jobs you might ask?: Well, it certainly slows us down and it introduces new chores that must be completed. Here are just a few specifics:

1. First we have to shovel out our showroom before we can go anywhere. That job takes one of our crew a minimum of an hour!

2. We have to drive more carefully to our destinations just like everyone else. Remember we're often loaded down with tools, materials, and with crew members, so we have to drive extra carefully.

3. We have to stop at the quickie-mart to get coffee and hot cocoa before we hit the site!

4. We have to shovel out our job sites.

5. We may even have to shovel off the roof!

On top of these chores that arise when inclement weather hits, we have to dress properly. That can be a serious matter, especially when working at heights. If dressing properly just won't cut it we 'call it' - we press the ejection button - we cancel work. This happens from time to time, but not usually in the Spring....due to snow. Happy spring roofers and siders and home improvers! Bring on the thunder!

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