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Smooth top Sure Flow gutter guard

Here's the easy way to keep downspouts clear!

There are a lot of products out there that say they'll keep leaves and downspout-clogging material out of your gutters.

Leaf Relief gutter guards We've found two that perform best for our region: Sure Flo, Gutter Roof™ and Leaf Relief™.

The End to Clogged, Overflowing Gutters

  • No more gutters to clean
  • No more ladders to climb
  • Shur Flo keeps your gutters free-flowing… forever
  • Adds years of life to your gutter system
  • Green Valley is your local, factory-trained contractor

Gutter Roof panels mount under the first row of shingles or to the fascia. As leaves land on the cover, most of the debris is pushed off by the wind. The remainder of the debris is pushed off by the rain and falls to the ground. Rain water drains into the gutter!
  • The low profile mounting system and roof granule finish makes gutter cover blend into the roof line.
  • Gutter Roof handles a large volume of rainwater coming off the roof better than any other dome cover.
  • You don’t need to replace your gutters because this is a retrofit system.
  • Gutter Roof is backed by a limited lifetime material warranty.

Eavestrough that's custom color, custom fit.

Green Valley custom forms top quality, seamless gutters on-site, fast! Our gutters are available in more than 20 custom colors, too!

On-site eavestrough forming

It's important that you install gutters that are strong enough to resist dents and damage. Green Valley gutters are .032 gauge rolled steel with baked-on enamel coating.

It's also important that you choose gutters large enough to handle the volume of water coming off your roof in these days of occasional two-inch-per-hour downpours. We install aluminum seamless gutters in 5 or 6-inch widths with downspouts either 2"x3" or 3"x4" to handle the biggest gully washers. Every one is custom-fit and fabricated on site, with colors to match any exterior decor.

Do you really need gutters?

Without gutters, each rain event can pour several thousand gallons right at the base of your foundation. Without excellent grading, this can easily cause leaking basements. With grading that is too extreme, water will dig gullies, wash out plantings and cause other damage from erosion. Decks, walkways and other structures may also be damaged, either by flowing water or constant exposure.

Over time, water will eventually erode the soil around the foundation and re-slope the grade towards your home. Once this happens, water will pool by your foundation, seep into the foundation, expand and crack in the winter, and then eventually make its way into your basement where it can cause serious damage. Properly installed eavestroughing can help you avoid all these problems.

Contact us to find out what size and type of eavestrough is best for your home.

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