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Prodigy_Logo_2C.jpg Prodigy Colors

Prodigy is available in several standard colors as well as select designer colors. Click here to see the standard colors palette. If you'd like to see the extended palette, please get in touch!


Charter Oak Colors

To see samples of Charter Oak standard colors, click here. Like most of the siding products we sell, Charter Oak offers new colors each year and special designer colors for our region. To learn more about other color options, please get in touch!

coventry_logo.png Coventry Colors

Click here to see our standard palette of colors for high value Coventry siding. For more information, please drop us a line.

Charter Oak, by Alside

Coventry features a durable .042" panel thickness and
five versatile profiles.

Q: What are some keys to a good vinyl siding installation job?

  • Allowing for Expansion and Contraction
  • Keeping It Straight and Level (Keeping in mind that siding is only as straight and stable as what lies under it!)
  • Using a sufficient number of the proper fasteners for the installation

Q: What is the proper way to prepare the surface?

Your installer should make sure that the surface is flat and even. Before re-siding, the installer should check that all loose boards are fastened tightly and any rotten boards are replaced. All loose caulk around windows and doors should be removed and replaced. Any attachments, like gutters and downspouts or light fixtures should be removed.

Q: What is proper fastening procedure?

Make sure the fastener penetrates a minimum of 3/4" into a framing stud or furring.
Panels should be fully locked along the length of the bottom without signs that they have been forced or stretched.
Fasteners should have a small amount of space between the siding and the fastener head to allow for expansion and contraction without buckling.



Siding: We never compromise on quality

Roofing and Siding go together, LITERALLY. Green Valley Roofing Siding Windows offers quality Siding installations and we invite you to contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE today. Some of the Siding products we offer are listed below.

Green Valley uses only premium siding products for a beautiful, long-lasting results.


Green Valley uses Alside premium, low-maintenance residential siding. Alside has been a leader in siding innovation since 1947, with a long history of consistent improvements in appearance, materials and performance.

Today, Alside's advanced technology delivers stronger, more rigid siding systems that hug the home tighter, as well as rich, long-lasting colors and subtle textures that capture the authentic look of wood. Trim and accessories are available in a full range of styles and complementary colors for a completely custom look.

Whether you are remodeling a Victorian jewel or building a new home, whatever your budget, you will find that Alside vinyl and steel siding installed by Green Valley offers the choice and value you need.

Prodigy: The Premium Vinyl Siding


Prodigy is the most evolved siding on the market, from flawless appearance and unsurpassed insulation that can increase the value of your home, to true maintenance freedom, reduced energy bills and one of the industry's best warranties.

A precisely contoured insulating underlayment is built into Prodigy. It features the thickest foam in the industry for exceptional R-value with the rigidity and straight course lines you'd only expect from a wood product. The surface texture has the genuine and subtle feel of finely milled cedar lumber. Prodigy's high-performance insulation is form-fit to adhere to the outer panel, providing outstanding strength and durability to withstand Mother Nature while safeguarding against energy loss.

Charter Oak: Durability Plus Value


Charter Oak® is Alside’s flagship siding product, combining authentic wood beauty with unmatched durability, performance and maintenance freedom. Alside’s exclusive TriBeam® Design gives Charter Oak superior rigidity, while a double-thick nail hem enables it to withstand high winds. Charter Oak has been independently tested to resist Category 5 hurricane-force winds.

The Charter Oak family of products are available in 14 of today's most popular colors, plus a select range of deeper, richer colors from Alside's exclusive Architectural Color Collection.

Coventry Siding: The Price/Value Leader


Performance-engineered for superb durability, Coventry by Alside® incorporates essential design features to deliver outstanding protection for your home. Each panel is infused with rigidity and structural integrity to ensure crisp, smooth wall lines and a beautifully uniform appearance. An occasional rinse with a garden hose will keep Coventry’s natural cedar grain texture and low-gloss finish beautiful year after year.

Call Green Valley for Premium Steel, Vertical Board & Batten and Beaded Siding, Too!

If you're looking for that certain special effect or the durability of galvanized steel, Green Valley is your best call. We carry super durable textured steel siding built to withstand hurricane force winds and shrug off impact damage as well as beaded vinyl and vertical board and batten siding in colors that will help you realize your dream.


Board & Batten Siding

Beaded horizontal siding

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