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Green Valley has been installing all kinds of residential roofs in the Quad Cities since 2001. One of the things our customers like most is the fact that, when you call Green Valley, you're talking to a professional. That's the best way we know to make sure you get straight information without guessing or assumptions. You get straight talk and easy to understand information that makes you feel confident in your decision and comfortable that you've trusted an expert.

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We install and repair roofing of all kinds

Whether you are looking for standard three-tab shingles, architectural shingles, or durable steel roofing, Green Valley will install quickly, leaving your property clean and your home sealed tightly.

During a roofing project we become responsible for our clients most important asset. We take that seriously. The primary goal of Green Valley Roofing Siding Gutters is to complete every project with absolutely no damage to property or person while delivering a high quality service and installation. You can trust us to do the job properly.

Count on us for affordable quality replacement roofing and installation

Thanks to our extensive training and excellent vendor relationships, we can work more cost effectively that most roofing contractors. We believe that, combined with our consistent quality and professional performance, is the reason we earn most of our business through referrals. If you're looking for your safest all-around choice, get in touch or request a FREE estimate.

What you can expect

Starting: We will alert our customers in advance of the projected start day. This includes any planned material and dumpster deliveries.

Work Hours: We ask to have access to all work and storage areas for the duration of the job. Daily work hours will vary from day to day but we will generally work on site from 8-12 hours a day. Work days may begin as early as 6 am ending as late as dark. The weather has a significant affect on our daily schedule.If you have special requirements regarding our schedule please let us know. We will do what is necessary to accomodate.

Tools and Material Storage: Materials and tools will be stored on client's property from delivery, prior to start date, to shortly after completion of the job. Roofing materials will often be stored on the roof as well. We do require use of the ground space in certain areas as well.

Clean-up: Tear-off waste will be removed from the roof and physically thrown from the roof directly into a large trash container, if possible. Some waste will be dropped onto the ground and moved from the ground into the container. We protect the home or building itself by using wood boards, plywood, and tarps to create protective barriers. We protect landscaping in a similar way. Remember, where dump containers are present there will be nails. It is not a good idea to walk or drive over these areas until the entire area is cleaned up and looked over. We also use a powerful wheeled magnate to collect loose nails. At the end of the job we do a very careful cleanup of the property.

  • Project Supervision and Inspection: Green Valley Roofing Siding Gutters is dedicated to providing solid quality products installed “by the book.” We have few problems because we are relentless about checking, double checking and inspecting a few times after that. This is our way to leave clients' with quality work.
  • Using highly skilled knowledgeable installers.
  • Periodic Inspections from by the Production Manager and Sales. This will occur periodically. Some days we may even conduct multiple visits.
    1. End of job inspection by crew leader.
    2. End of job final inspection. This is an inspection completed by our Production Manager. Finally, we call the city inspector and he does an inspection too.

Customer safety: Here are some ways to stay safe as you will soon become part of the jobsite.

  • Pay attention to your surroundings and especially to what’s going on up above you. Alert any workers to your presence if coming outside or at any time you are near where workers are present. STAY ALERT!
  • Avoid walking through debris piles. They are littered with nails and sharp metal edges.
  • Check the driveway for loose nails before leaving or entering the area.
  • Pets should NEVER be allowed in work and storage areas when workers are present.
  • Secure any pictures, valuables, or any items within the home that are not fastened well or could fall during vibrations. It is very rare for something to get damaged but can happen. Cover up any items in the attic space to protect them from excessive dust & debris.

Durable Metal Roofing

The selection of metal roofing is one of the nation's fastest growing trends. There are a lot of very good reasons:

  • A properly installed metal roof can last for many decades, with the life of aluminum or copper pushing 100 years!1
  • Metal roofs offer superior resistance to the kind of damage the Quad Cities sees with severe weather.
  • Advanced finishes have improved the reflective performance of metal roofing, helping to reduce utility bills.
  • Most metal roofs include recycled materials and are themselves recycleable at the end of their long lives.
  • Metal roofs are lighter than conventional roofing and can often be installed directly over existing roofs, further reducing waste.

Green Valley is the Quad Cities' metal roofing expert. Our trained installers will ensure that your new roof is installed correctly, meaning you'll receive all the benefits of its long, long life. That's important because metal roofing systems are less forgiving than conventional roofing: proper installation takes longer and is far more critical to long term performance.

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Be sure to ask about Duration "Stay Cool" Shingles

We Recycle!

It's good to know that, whichever long-wearing roof solution you choose, Green Valley is an active recycler. We sort waste materials from every job and tranport all recyclable material to approved collectors. Our goal is keeping as much waste out of landfills as possible!

Our Credibility is established

Our customers tell is that it is our honesty, dedication to quality, and experience that put us a step above our competition.

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