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Green Valley uses only premium siding products for beautiful, long-lasting results

Green Valley uses a curated selection of, low-maintenance residential siding brands. Our product lines are leaders in innovation and quality, with a long history of consistent improvements in appearance, materials, and performance.

Whether you are remodeling a Victorian jewel or building a new home, whatever your budget, you will find that vinyl or steel siding installed by Green Valley offers the choice and value you need.

Although choosing your siding brand is an important process we will help you with every step of the way, equally important is the quality of the installation. This is where Green Valley really shines. Improperly installed siding leads to a host of problems. Whereas a good siding job will enhance your home's value with a beautiful aesthetic result, not to mention enhanced durability and protection.

Q: What are some keys to a good vinyl siding installation job?

  • Allowing for Expansion and Contraction
  • Keeping It Straight and Level (Keeping in mind that siding is only as straight and stable as what lies under it!)
  • Using a sufficient number of the proper fasteners for the installation

Q: What is the proper way to prepare the surface?

Your installer should make sure that the surface is flat and even. Before re-siding, the installer should check that all loose boards are fastened tightly and any rotten boards are replaced. All loose caulk around windows and doors should be removed and replaced. Any attachments, like gutters and downspouts or light fixtures should be removed.

Q: What is proper fastening procedure?

  • Make sure the fastener penetrates a minimum of 3/4" into a framing stud or furring.
  • Panels should be fully locked along the length of the bottom without signs that they have been forced or stretched.
  • Fasteners should have a small amount of space between the siding and the fastener head to allow for expansion and contraction without buckling.

Call Green Valley for Premium Steel, Vertical Board & Batten and Beaded Siding, Too!

If you're looking for that certain special effect or the durability of galvanized steel, Green Valley is your best call. We carry super durable textured steel siding built to withstand hurricane force winds and shrug off impact damage as well as beaded vinyl and vertical board and batten siding in colors that will help you realize your dream.

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